White Label Seed Company (5 fem) : Gelato #420

42.00 sis. alv

(Gelato #33 x Durban x Hindu Kush)

  • 5 Feminized seeds
  • 40% sativa – 60% indica
  • 63-70 days
  • size: tall

White Label Gelato #420 Feminized was created by back-crossing Gelato 33 with our original Durban cultivar and the Hindu Kush strain, which forms the backbone of OG Kush. By returning the Gelato line to its Afghan and African cannabis roots, White Label Gelato #420 gains weight, flavour and even greater potency. Gelato #420 is  60% indica, 40% sativa. Strong indica stature and significant sativa height gain are hallmarks of this strain. Indoors, it can be given a relatively short vegetation period, as plants generally triple their vegetated height as they flower. The most common scents found are citrus, mint, and vanilla from the Kush hybrid forebears, plus aniseed, hashish, and sandalwood from the Durban and Hindu Kush cultivars. Uniting all these high notes is a base of smooth, creamy chamomile, most commonly associated with Haze strains. Gelato #420’s aroma profile may bring to mind all the flavours of an ice cream parlour. Novices should handle with care, and even experienced connoisseurs should test the waters before diving in.


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