White Label Seed Company (10 reg) : Amnesia White

93.00 sis. alv

(Haze x Afghan x Thai)

  • 10 Regular seeds
  • 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • 60-80 days
  • size: medium-tall

With a delicious flavour that is very close to the original Haze strains, White Regular by White Label excites discerning sativa fans. The flowering time is relatively long, rewarded by sticky super buds that awaken a sense of adventure. Amnesia White Regular by White Label marks a further development of the original Haze genetics. It combines the psychedelic tingle of Haze with the resin production, speed and potential yield of an indica. To ensure that none of the delicious Haze high and flavour is lost, these regular cannabis seeds contain a racy Thai strain in addition to an Afghan plant. The result is a sativa hybrid (70% sativa, 30% indica) that continues the Haze success story. Indoors, the plants reach around 120 to 160 cm in height, and can be harvested after 60 to 80 days. It was clear from the outset that Amnesia White Regular had to retain the psychedelic and electrifying Haze high. ‘Amnesia’ means ‘memory loss’ and with high THC content, it’s possible to lose the plot somewhat.

The flavour and smell are almost identical to original Haze strains. Spicy, underlaid with nuances of citrus fruits and an earthy sweetness.


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