White Label Seed Company : Master Kush Automatic

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(Master Kush x Ruderalis)

  • Feminized autoflower seeds
  • 80% Indica / 20% ruderalis
  • 77-91 days
  • size: medium

Master Kush is one of the first cannabis strains created from two Kush strains. ‘Kush’ refers to the Hindu Kush mountains that extend from Afghanistan, across Pakistan and as far as India. It is the birthplace of cannabis indica. Master Kush Automatic by White Label: endless resin, robust and an incomparable taste. It’s with good reason that Master Kush is among our award-winning strains. Anyone who’s been to India will recognise the smell of Master Kush immediately. Earthy, spicy and sweet – that pretty much describes the flavour. Overall, this strain tastes more intensive than it smells

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