White Label Seed Company (5 fem) : Wedding Cheesecake

45.00 sis. alv

(Cheese x Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie)

  • Feminized seeds
  • Indica-dominant
  • 50-65 days
  • size: medium

Wedding Cheesecake: a multi-tiered treat for mind and body; a 5th generation hybrid with roots in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. Further up the Wedding Cheesecake family tree are OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple and Purple Urkel from the west coast of the USA, along with all-time greats from Sensi Seeds – Hindu Kush, Big Bud and – influencing both sides of the family – Durban, the potent, pure Sativa from South Africa. Wedding Cheesecake feminized cannabis seeds by White Label display desirable traits from five generations of breeding. These include the complex flavour profile, unbelievable resin production, and huge buds on a sturdy, compact, fast-flowering frame. The strongest element is inherited from Cheese – fantastically pungent Skunk with strong, sweet berry overtones – along with sharper citrus, earthy and woody notes from other illustrious forebears.


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