White Label Seed Company (5 fem) : Purple Haze

60.00 sis. alv

(Purple Thai x Haze)

  • 5 Feminized seeds
  • 80% sativa – 20% indica
  • 55-65 days
  • size: medium

Purple Haze Feminized by White Label cannabis seeds are 80% sativa and 20% indica. Its sativa genetics really come to the foreground in the high, which is uplifting and energising. The strain has an impressive background, and is a hybrid of Purple Thai and a Haze variety. This parentage is evident in the sweet, tangy aroma, not to mention the violet-coloured flowers. The plants are shorter than most Haze strains, which makes them more manageable if space is limited. Usually, they’ll reach around 110 to 150 cm in height and produces an immediately recognisable sweet-and-sour scent. The high can be described as social, cerebral and energetic.


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