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Sweet Seeds (4 fem) : Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version

25.00 sis. alv

(Red Poison Auto x Tropicanna Cookies)

  • 4 Feminized seeds
  • 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • 42-49 days

These plants, with red flowers and ultrafast flowering, are a photoperiod-dependent, feminised version of one of the most famous varieties in the US “Super Strong” Cookies family – Tropicanna Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie). It is the cross of an elite, selected Tropicanna Cookies clone, with a red flower phenotype, and our highly regarded, red flower, autoflowering strain Red Poison Auto® (SWS39). The plants are very productive and resinous, with THC levels of up to 24% and extremely high terpene levels.
The buds have an excellent aroma and taste; they are very sweet, intense and dense, with tones of mango, earthy, wooden hints, and a subtle Skunk background.

Varasto loppu

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