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Sweet Seeds (4 fem) : Gorilla Girl XL Auto

26.00 sis. alv

( Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto)

  • 4 Feminized autoflower seeds
  • Indica: 42,1% / Sativa: 57,5% / Ruderalis: 0,4%
  • 60-120 cm
  • 63 days

A sixth-generation autoflowering strain. A tall, “Super Strong” marijuana strain produced by crossing two of most powerful varieties in the Cookies family: Gorilla Girl® x Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS74 x SWS76). The buds have an intense, sweet and fruity aroma and taste, with tones of blue cypress and wood complemented by citric, earthy shades. The plants’ buds are heavily loaded with resin, have long trichomes and very large flower calyxes. This strain is known for its exuberant resin production which completely coats the calyxes with aromatic trichomes.

Varasto loppu

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