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(M33 Freezeland x Lava Cake)

  • Feminized seeds
  • Indica dominant
  • 56 days

With crossbreeding our Friesland Indica (M33 for the old school growers) with Lava Cake, a new hard hitting, couch-locking and very tasty hybrid has been born. Back in the day, the original Friesland Indica, a.k.a. M33, a.k.a Freezeland, became immensely popular in North America. In Canada it immediately became a treasure among cannabis seed connoisseurs. It was praised for its productivity, effect and great taste. Friesland Indica was also very robust and able to cope well with the harsh outdoor climate in Canada. This made it a go-to strain for many Canadian underground growers and it can still be found today in many Canadian grow rooms.

Our Lava Freeze has the vigour and terpene profile of the Lava Cake and the robustness of the Friesland Indica. This makes her a great strain to grow both indoor and outdoor. This legendary strain has been bred by Karel. The reverted female he used for this cross came from an elite Lava Cake clone that was selected from premium cannabis seeds donated to Karel’s son by one of his longtime buddies on the other side of the ocean. Lava Cake has gained increased popularity over the last few years, mostly because of its vigor and awesome terpene profile. Our Lava Freeze is a nice blend of these new school genetics with one of our old school classics. Lava Freeze has a pungent aroma and a rich taste. She is widely celebrated for her deliciously fruity and sour terpene profile with hints of mint, cake and chocolate. Her aroma is generally mostly earthy, sour and fruity. She does have a few phenotypes that can have a kush-like aroma. The taste however leans more to the gassy side of the spectrum. Diesel, mint and floral tones can leave a strong aftertaste. She can have a sweet & sour fruity taste on the inhale and a minty gassy diesel taste on the exhale.


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