Super Sativa Seed Club (8 fem) : Pineapple Poison

65.00 sis. alv

(Durban Poison x Old School Pineapple Skunk)

  • 8 feminized seeds
  • 40% sativa – 60% indica
  • 63-70 days

Both Durban Poison and Pineapple can be considered as classic, old school varieties by now. To create Pineapple Poison we crossed the original Durban Poison from South Africa with an old school Pineapple Skunk (unknown origin). It took the master breeder 5 generations of crossing to achieve the desired result, a very stable and potent fruity variety. The smell is very exotic and punchy, pineapple fruit and hints of anise from the Durban Poison. The taste is fruity and the pineapple flavour is followed by the anise flavour which remains as after taste for some time.


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