Super Sativa Seed Club : Auto Creeper

39.0095.00 sis. alv

(Creeper x Williams Wonder) x Creeper)

  • Feminized autoflower seeds
  • sativa dominant
  • 77-84 days

In the 80’s the SSSC worked with an indica strain called Williams Wonder. It was an interesting and occasionally freaky strain for research. Sometimes it showed autoflowering characteristics. This was unusual, auto genetics were far from understood in those days. When the SSSC was re-established we knew that a good autoflower variety was required for the modern seed collection. Auto Creeper was made from scratch using THC rich genetics from our photoperiod Creeper sativa. We still had the autoflowering version of the original Williams Wonder in our seed archive. This was used to give the autoflowering characteristics to the genetics.

39.00 sis. alv


95.00 sis. alv


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