Sensi Seeds : Sensi Amnesia

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(Jamaican Pearl x Hawaiian Indica x Afghani #1)

  • Feminized seeds
  • 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
  • 70 days
  • size: medium-tall

Sensi Amnesia Feminized is 65% sativa and 35% indica. The automatic version of the strain was originally developed by Sensi Seeds as part of their 2020 Research Project, and now we’ve introduced this variant, which is feminized. The strain boasts an impressive gene pool, with its parent-plants being Jamaican Pearl, Hawaiian Indica, and Afghani #1. The plants have the stretched-out appearance of a sativa, with the sturdiness and ‘Christmas tree’ shape more commonly associated with indica varieties. They produce excellent yields, both indoors and outside. The buds are fairly compact and very resinous, and usually grow along the central stem and towards the tips of the lateral branches. This strain is sativa-dominant, and produces creative high, and is well-suited to an evening with friends. The sativa influence also comes through in the aroma of the plants, with a scent that’s tropical, citrussy and spicy, softened by a hint of indica dankness and earthiness in the base notes.

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