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Sensi Seeds (5 fem) : Double Kush Cake Automatic

32.00 sis. alv

(Hindu Kush Auto xSkunk Kush x Afghani #1)

  • Feminized autoflowering seeds
  • 10% Sativa – 70% Indica- 20% Ruderalis
  • 50-63 days
  • size: compact-medium

The Kush family has become an essential element of cannabis breeding in the US. Kush mixed with other cultivars has created many of the most popular contemporary cannabis strains. Double Kush Cake contains all the best traits of our many Kush cultivars, and is the Sensi Seeds tribute to our Kush dynasty. The sweet, dank flavours and relaxing effects bring the US Kush experience home. This strain is 70% indica, 10% sativa, and 20% ruderalis. It’s a feminized autoflowering variant and i´ts impressive genetic pool includes Hindu Kush Auto, Skunk Kush, and Afghani #1, and it produces an effect that’s pleasantly relaxing, with a real indica buzz. The scent is pleasantly earthy, sweet and skunky, and the plants can be grown discreetly, thanks to their compact size.


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