Sensi Seeds (10 reg) : Northern Lights

120.00 sis. alv

(NL #1 x NL #2 x NL #5)

  • 10 Regular seeds
  • 10% Sativa / 90% Indica
  • 45-50 days
  • size: short-medium

Northern Lights Regular cannabis seeds are 90% indica and 10% sativa. The multi-award-winning strain is thought to have originated in the States, before being taken to The Netherlands. There, Sensi Seeds developed it into the variety that it is today, enhancing its Afghani and Thai genetics. As with many indica-dominant strains, Northern Lights Regular is compact, with plants remaining fairly small both indoors and outdoors. When grown inside, the plants’ height is normally limited to around 80 to 130 cm.

The scent is also typically indica in nature; pungent, deep and earthy. However, there’s a hint of honey and herb to the smell too, which becomes more noticeable as the buds reach harvest-time. The plants don’t usually produce an overpowering scent while growing, which is useful for those who want to cultivate them discreetly. Upon consumption, users can anticipate a rich, aromatic flavour, with the notes of sweetness coming through fairly strongly.



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