Paradise Seeds : Auto Kong 4

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(Gorilla Glue #4 x Pandora)

  • Feminized autoflowering seeds
  • 60% Sativa – 40% Indica
  • 70 days
  • Height: ~120cm

King of the Swingers… Auto Kong is a real jungle VIP strain. The first autoflower to join our Tommy Chong’s™ collection, this hybrid combines full blooded potency with Empire State sized yields. This is the Paradise Seeds spin on the tremendously potent GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue), a California inspired strain that comes with the stamp of approval from cannabis legend, Tommy Chong, and a healthy pinch of Dutch breeding sophistication. It began with an original GG4 cutting from the USA, GG4 is of course the strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue which earned a worldwide reputation for its extreme potency and ability to literally glue the user to the couch. GG4 was backcrossed over 4 generations and combined with Pandora, our original Autoflower which is prized for its genetic stability, fast finish and ig harvest potential. We then backcrossed the plant until we achieved the phenotypes we were looking for. Unusually for Paradise, we chose two phenotypes to focus on – one leaning towards sativa dominance, the other towards an indica dominance. Of the two phenotypes, the indica pheno scent has more of sweetness to it (the Pandora influence), while the sativa pheno is characterized by a lemony/acidic fragrance and taste that is more in keeping with the traditional GG4. When it comes to the taste department, Auto Kong 4 produces layers of sweetness, fuel and a pleasant sourness.


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