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Mandala Seeds : Mandala #1

35.00 sis. alv

(S.African highland Sativa x NZ Purple Indica & N.Indian Sativa)

  • 1o Regular Seeds
  • Sativa-dominant
  • 55-65 days
  • size: medium-slightly tall
An up-high that spreads in waves; euphoric; creative; can also be spacey and dreamy at the start.
Aroma: Properly cured buds have a natural sweet fragrance like dried apples. Purple plants spread a delicious raspberry fragrance, with a touch of minty freshness
Medical use: Mandala #1 can benefit with its anti-anxiety & anti-depressive effect. It has up to 1% CBG which is beneficial for treating glaucoma, as a sleep aid, and for anti-microbial use. This strain can be applied for a variety of other medical uses as well due to its exceptional quality.

Varasto loppu

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