Dutch Passion : Durban Dew

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(Durban Poison x Frisian Dew)

  • Feminized seeds
  • Sativa-dominant
  • 56-63 days

Durban Dew is a potent hybrid strain created by careful crossing and selection of our Durban Poison x Frisian Dew two original Dutch Passion classics. It is suitable for outdoor cultivation, cultivation in greenhouses and for indoor cultivation. This variety was developed in the changeable and wet Dutch climate. It is a robust cannabis plant that can take a beating. This is a fast growing Sativa dominant variety that develops many strong side branches and is capable of producing heavy yields. Whether it was grown outside, inside or in a greenhouse. These ladies know how to perform everywhere! Durban Poison and Frisian Drew are both known for an exceptional and unique terpene profile. By crossing these two strains we have managed to create a very tasty cannabis strain. It usually has a soft and sweet taste. Her aroma is best described as pungent, sweet and fruity. It is sometimes reminiscent of sour and sweet candy, such as sour bears. A berry aroma and flavour may predominate. It is not often that all members of our test panel are unanimously surprised and satisfied with the new terpene profile that has emerged.


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