Dutch Passion (5 fem) : Strawberry Cough

52.95 sis. alv

(Original Strawberry Cough ((Erdbeer x Unknown Indica, USA))

  • 5 feminized seeds
  • 75% Sativa – 25% Indica
  • 63 days

Strawberry Cough genetics have an almost mythical origin and a unique, highly sought-after effect. The legendary genetics are partly North American and partly European. She is a hybrid cannabis strain which leans more to the Sativa side. The plants are beautiful to look at, some special phenotypes display purple hues in the buds and these are our favorites. Decades after introduction, Strawberry Cough feminised seeds remain a firm favourite with connoisseur repeat growers and staff. The fresh smell and sweet taste of strawberries is sure to leave a smile on your face. The appealing scent may also have a real candy sweetness too. Some phenotypes may express more of a peppery, spicy profile with a milder strawberry scent.

Strawberry Cough is a relatively easy strain to grow, especially when compared to other Sativa dominant varieties. It’s not as tall/stretchy as some Sativas like Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze or Desfrán. But the THC-rich Strawberry Cough genetics deliver you the same supremely satisfying  quality as that from pure Sativas.


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