Dutch Passion (5 fem) : Shaman

37.95 sis. alv

(Purple#1 X Skunk)

  • 5 feminized seeds
  • Sativa dominant
  • 56 days

Shaman is a Sativa dominant outdoor plant with a fast flowering time of 8 weeks on average. Shaman is an original Dutch Passion classic that has been in the collection for several decades and is still very much loved. It is a true outdoor plant that was developed for growing in greenhouses and outdoor cultivation. Shaman stems from a breeding program in which an early Skunk was crossed with a colourful Purple strain. This breeding program was perfected when a very robust and easy to grow outdoor variety emerged.

In addition to a very unique look, this robust and tough outdoor variety also has an attractive terpene profile. In general, she has a fresh, sweet and spicy aroma. The aroma can best be described as sweet, fruity, floral and spicy, with sometimes sour and pine notes. Her taste is mainly sweet and spicy, some phenotypes also have a slightly more acidic touch and others a bit more of a piney, woody character. Due to the different phenotypes found in this strain, there is something for everyone. Shaman has colour in about 50% of the plants. This can vary from light pink/purple hues to completely purple flowers which can even show very dark, almost black, hues. This makes this lady really beautiful to see. The green phenotypes usually taste slightly sweeter than the purple phenotype.


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