Dutch Passion (5 fem) : HiFi 4G

50.00 sis. alv

(WiFi OG x Glueberry OG)

  • 5 feminized seeds
  • sativa-indica hybrid
  • 56 days

HiFi 4G by Dutch Passion is a feminised cannabis seed derived from the cross of two fantastic U.S. strains: WiFi OG and Glueberry OG. The result is a ‘high-fidelity’ cannabis strain, a very special travelling companion that will help you during your sleepless nights when you need to relax. This strain is perfect also for listening to music. HiFi 4G seems to amplify appreciation and enjoyment of music. Your Hi-Fi system comes alive, sounds seem richer, deeper and sharper as if you were next to the musician that made the music. The incredible terpene profile passed on to her by her OG Kush and Blueberry predecessors is really complex.


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