Barney´s Farm : Gorilla Glue Auto

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(Gorilla Glue #4 x BF Super Auto #1)

  • Feminized autoflowering seeds
  • 45% Sativa – 55% Indica
  • 70-77 days
  • Height: medium

Gorilla Glue Auto boasts productivity and potency rarely seen in the autoflowering world. This powerhouse of a strain stems from one of the most powerful cultivars in existence: Original Glue (FKA Gorilla Glue #4). Breeders crossed this world-famous variety with parent strain BF Super Auto #1 to gift her with the autoflowering trait. Gorilla Glue Auto emerged from the breeding project as a 55% indica hybrid.

Many growers used to associate autoflowering varieties with small yields. Their speed and ease of growth were often viewed as a trade-off for low productivity, not to mention potency. However, advances in breeding techniques have led to manifestations such as Gorilla Glue Auto. This strain produces a yield that rivals many photoperiod varieties, yet in much less time. Plants cultivated in grow tents climb to a stealthy height of 100cm and just 70 days from seed to harvest. Gorilla Glue Auto produces dense and trichome-rich nuggets possessing a THC content of 25%. Just a couple of hits will send THC coursing through your system. The strain strikes a perfect balance between stimulating head high and pleasant body stone. A true balanced hybrid, Gorilla Glue Auto is a versatile smoke suitable for all sorts of occasions. Every hit comes hand in hand with tasty flavour notes of cream, coffee, earth, and spice.

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