Barney´s Farm (10 reg) : G13 Haze

86.00 sis. alv

(G13 x Hawaiian Sativa)

  • Regular seeds
  • 65% Sativa – 35% Indica
  • 65-75 days
  • Height – medium to tall 120-150cm+

Maintaining our mystical G13 legend by crossing G13 with a classic Skunk#1, was perfect to firstly advance the precious G13 genetic pedigree. By then crossing the G13 X Skunk#1 with our favourite Hawaiian Sativa, Barneys Farm has taken the G13 legend soaring to a celestial high, creating the famous G13 HAZE™. This plant produces a high that covers the complete spectrum of effects, with a full body stone combined with a psychedelic Sativa high. The combination is powerful, heavenly and unforgettable. G13 HAZE™ grows relatively tall and produces an outstanding generous flower structure with healthy resin production and wonderfull sandalwood and sage arome.


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