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Aficionado French Connection (12 reg) : Amarok

245.00 sis. alv

(74′ Matanuska Thunder Fuck IBL x Afghan Heirloom) x Vetrus OG F4

  • 12 Regular seeds
  • Indica-dominant
  • 56 days

Amarock by Aficionado French Connection is a regular marijuana seed that originates from a carefully selected cross between Alaska’s renowned Matanuska Thunder Fuck IBL 74′, Afghan Heirloom, and Vetrus OG F4. The result is an Indica-leaning potent and resinous hybrid with truly amazing intense aromas. After years of research and work, Aficionado French Connection is proud to
present you this unique variety, the results of work based on a rare and prized genetic heirloom. In Inuit mythology, Amarok is the name given to the great spirit of the sacred wolf; he watches over the good health of the herds but he will devour the reckless hunter who would risk going out alone at night. Both feared and respected, this unique strain with formidable effects, stemming from finest selections of genetic heirloom ! Its name was given to it in reference to the original Matanuska thunder Fuck IBL which served as
starting point for the design of the Amarok. MTF IBL is a legendary lineage originating from Matanuska valley in Alaska kept pure since 1974. Amarock displays exceptional and complex terpene quality: a bang-on mix of Diesel, chemical notes, exotic lemon, and dark chocolate.

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